Chinese Calendar 2021 - Important Dates

Principal Dates in the Chinese Calendar for 2021-The Year of Ox
Jan. 1st New Year's Day
Feb. 12th Spring Festival (The 1st day of the first month in the Chinese Calendar)
26th Lantern Festival (The 15th day of the first month in the Chinese Calendar)
Apr. 4th Ching Ming Festival (Also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day, the 15th day from the Spring Equinox)
May 1st International Labor Day
June 1st Children's day
14th Dragon Boat Festival (The 5th day of the fifth month in the Chinese Calendar)
July 1st The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China
Aug. 1st The 94th Anniversary of the Founding the the People's Liberation Army of China
14th Qixi Festival (Also known as Chinese Valentine's Day, the 7th day of the seventh month in the Chinese Calendar)
Sep. 21st Middle Autumn Day (Also known as Mooncake Day, the 15th day of the Eighth month in the Chinese Calender)
Oct. 1st National Day (The 72th Anniversary of Founding of the People's Republic of China)
14th Double Ninth Festival (The 9th day of the ninth month in the Chinese calendar, when people ususally enjoy the autumn and pay tribute to the old people in the family)
Dec. 21th Winter Solstice (when people usually eating dumplings to avoid the coldness)