Commentary from the Web, Week 48, 2020

China’s winning CBDC approach by Gary Smith, 20 November 2020, The Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum.

Will China’s central bank digital currency experiment be a success? Offering 50,000 Shenzhen citizens a wallet containing around $30 in a lottery has created momentum. Banning the prospect of any other blockchain-based money and adopting a rigorous approach to encouraging retailer acceptance has been helpful. The citizens of Shenzhen were ready for CBDC – 2m applied to participate.


China’s digital currency electronic payment (DCEP) dreams, The SupChina podcast.

Episode 78 of Tech Buzz China features our co-host Rui Ma in conversation with Yán Xiāo 肖妍 on the timely topic of China’s proposed national digital currency. 

Thanks to Rasheed Griffith for this item.


China’s Global Climate Boost, Project Syndicate, Nov 26, 2020 by KEVIN TU

Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent announcement that China aims to be carbon neutral before 2060 has sent positive shock waves through the climate-policy world. The European Union should now pick up where China left off and make its own 2050 net-zero emissions target legally binding.


Division or Dialogue with China? Project Syndicate, November 26, 2020, by ANDREW SHENG and XIAO GENG

Joe Biden’s presidency amounts to a golden opportunity to initiate a direct and honest dialogue with China on issues that require constructive engagement. But time is of the essence. If Biden begins his term by choosing division over dialogue, changing course will soon become difficult, if not impossible.


Making A Mark: Pamela Standford  Nation Barbados, November 22, 2020

Pamela Standford shocked family and friends when she said she was migrating to China. Three years on, she is enjoying life as a teacher and travelling the world.

Thanks to Roxanne Brancker for this contribution.