Commentary from the Web, Week 38, 2020

Dollar dominance difficult to displace

OMFIF Commentary by Kathleen Tyson in London, Sep 14, 2020

“Speculation about the dollar's decline is premature. The global financial plumbing will not change quickly or inexpensively. It took a century of New York banks' financial activism and extensive global interbank innovation and collaboration to make the dollar a hegemonic currency. It will only lose its dominant status if Chinese policies make use of the renminbi more practical for foreign banks and investors, while American policies make continued use of the dollar impractical.”


At Beijing Fashion Week, traditional styles are making a comeback

At Beijing Fashion Week, Chinese designers are infusing their creations with traditional culture. The art of paper cutting and ink wash paintings have inspired the styles that hit the runway as creators paid homage to imperial fashion and intangible cultural heritage and showed off their exquisite craftsmanship.


Tech It Out: A new way to talk to machines

In this edition of Tech It Out, CGTN visited Chinese Academy of Sciences again to find a new way to "talk" to machines! Researchers have designed a no-touch sensor to control tech through water vapor.