China’s Rise, Chendu, Reconstruction in Liulin Commentary from the Web, Week 33, 2021

Adam Tooze on understanding China’s rise in historical context

SupChina, August 19, 2021. This week on the Sinica Podcast we welcomed back Adam Tooze, an influential professor of history at Columbia University.

Adam was frustrated with the common story of China’s rise that “goes from GDP to defense budgets, to a challenge to American hegemon,” and so he wrote an essay on the subject in The New Statesman, and appeared on the Sinica Podcast to discuss which historical comparisons and context help — or don’t — in making sense of modern China.

Listen to the podcast episode with Adam or read a lightly edited transcript of the podcast on SupChina.


Chengdu: A visual monologue

Monologue” is a collection of graphic nonfiction stories centered in Chengdu

“Monologue” is a collection of graphic nonfiction stories centered in Chengdu, created by Jacob Wanuch, who has lived in that city since January 2017. Jacob is a writer and an organizing member of the Chengdu branch of the literary arts collective Spittoon. 


Caixin, Gallery: Central China Town Rebuilds After Flooding

Reconstruction work is underway in the town of Liulin in Central China’s Hubei province, after heavy rains lashed the town on Aug. 13. According to media reports, the flood destroyed about 2,700 stores, 11 kilometers of roads, and 725 electricity poles in the town. The local government has organized rescue teams to clean up the area, repair damaged facilities and relocate victims.