The Association of Barbados-China Friendship (ABCF) has been launched in an effort to create and strengthen the bond between Chinese and Barbadians. 

During the launch, which took place at the Hilton Resort Barbados on Thursday night, President of the ABCF Dr. Delisle Worrell noted that
it is a “people-centred organisation with an emphasis on facilitating personal contacts between Barbadians and Chinese”.

He believes this is important as everyone was able to benefit from the productivity of the Chinese, which has made goods and services much more affordable for Barbadians and consumers around the world. 

He reported that China is now the second largest economy, which means it is Barbados’ “second most important friend”. 

“The Association for Barbados- China Friendship aims to help Barbadians to get to know China and the Chinese better,” he said. 

“The Association has just published the first issue of our annual magazine, ‘Exchanges’, which contains articles on Barbadian experiences in China and Chinese experiences in Barbados. You will read stories of students, business people, tourists, and of Chinese immigrants to Barbados. The magazine highlights Rihanna’s contribution to the career of a leading Chinese designer as well and the magazine also introduces the Chinese global television network.”

Furthermore, Worrell was pleased to note that the ABCF also had its own website,, which would have information for travellers, business persons, students, and anyone with an interest in China. 

“We invite all to join the ABCF and contribute to the magazine and the website. We intend to make the website a networking hub for business people, cultural practitioners, students, visiting people to China and everyone who has an interest in China,” he said. 

The President also announced that the ABCF will be arranging a Travel and Food Expo to be held in September this year. 

It is the Association’s intention to facilitate travel to China, and have an annual group tour to China beginning in 2020. (CLF)