A Deep Dive on Banking with Chinese Lenders Commentary from the Web, Week 25, 2021

China in the Caribbean Podcast Episode 20

This week’s commentary is devoted to Rasheed Griffith’s China in the Caribbean podcast, which has become essential listening for me in the short time of its existence. Rasheed’s interview with Kanyi Lui in Episode 20 is authoritative and in-depth. 

Kanyi is a Taiwanese-Australian international finance lawyer based in Beijing. He is a Partner at Pinsent Masons with almost two decades of experience advising major financial institutions and borrowers on the development and financing of energy, natural resource, and infrastructure projects in emerging markets.   
He has particular expertise on projects falling within the ambit of China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI).  Kanyi is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators, Prime Disputes and Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand, and has rights of audience before the AIFC Court. 

Previous episodes of the China in the Caribbean  podcast have covered topics such as “Growing up Chinese in the Caribbean”, “US-China tech cooperation”, “Sino-Venezuelan relations”, “Blackness and anti-blackness in China”, “What the Caribbean can learn from Africa about China”, and “Sino-Caricom trade frustrations”, among others. Guests on the podcast have included Ambassador Francois Jackman; Victor Bulmer-Thomas, Professor Emeritus of Economics at University of London and Former Director of Chatham House; retired Lieutenant General Charles Hooper , the Former  Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (2017-2020); Tyler Cowen, Director of the Mercatus Center and an Economics Professor at George Mason University; Jordan Schneider, host of the ChinaTalk Podcast; and yours truly.